Origins of the Curious Wolf

A novel by Michael Prosise

Cover art by Angela Renner

Mattis isn't too much unlike you or I. He works for a large corporation in the city and commutes daily from his home in the suburbs. His neighbors know him well and speak highly of him, waving with a friendly, though shy, smile when they pass by. Mattis exercises regularly, walking through the nature paths around his home. There is one particularly significant difference, however. He's not human; he's a wolf. He isn't the only of his kind though. There are plenty of other wolves around.

He doesn't know his birth parents. Actually, he doesn't remember his youth at all. It wasn't just those facts though. There was something else. He couldn't quite put a paw on it, but he never quite felt he fit in this world.

Mattis took a day off work to clean up the house, but the weather was so nice he decided instead to take a walk and enjoy the crisp fall morning. This decision set in motion a chain of events that led him to discover not only an entire world but his own past and potentially the origins of his race.

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